Partnership Opportunities

New Partnerships Fulfill an Ever-Growing Logistics Demand.

Dekalb Motorworks is proud to announce that we’re moving in a new and exciting direction, contracting
with national retail stores providing our vehicles, and drivers, as part of their new and expanding
delivery platform: convenience retail.

Convenience retail is one of the last segments of retail to move fully online, post-lockdown has
presented significant opportunities for an increased market of impulse buyers. The pandemic helped
push online grocery shopping into the mainstream. “There is clearly demand for this service, and the
pandemic has accelerated that demand,” says Dekalb Motorworks President Stan Wardsworth. “The
time is right” it just makes sense to be in the right place to most effectively serve communities in and
around the metro Atlanta area.

We look forward to providing transportation for an ever-growing business model. Our philosophy
continues to hold true: a champion of the communities we serve. See you around town!

Contact us if you’re interested in contracting Dekalb Motorworks for your logistical needs?