Dekalb Motorworks: A Concierge Automotive Service.

Atlanta online car dealership
Atlanta online car dealership
Atlanta online car dealership

Let’s face it, it’s no secret the current car-buying experience has room for improvement and that few owners are looking forward to the next 3-hour wait while their vehicle is serviced. But what does an ideal automotive consumer experience actually look like? Everything about transportation is changing. Individuals are now available to pick us up and take us where we want to go for a fee we can afford.  Even the car purchasing experience has taken on a more “personalized” posture; people are researching, inquiring, test driving, and having cars delivered right from the comfort of their own home.

  • “Consumers are looking for personalized experiences tailored to their specific needs and preferences; their expectations and demands are getting higher. Only one in three consumers is “very satisfied” with the current dealership model, “demonstrating an opportunity and need for improvements.
  • Consumers indicated the most friction in the current automotive experience is found during the vehicle purchase process (acquisition) and during routine service and maintenance visits. Naturally, services that streamline and improve these areas are most appealing.

Dekalb Motorworks (DMW) adds a new dimension to the car buying experience, (click on) Fast Start Program. (Yes, the “over the top” customer care service begins the moment you contact DMW). First things first. Once a customer makes contact they are offered a “personalized” questionnaire that will provide DMW with the all-important information to begin a search for exactly the “reason” (yes, sometimes we make purchases for the wrong one), pricing, make, model, type, or kind of vehicle you’re looking for. Based on that information DMW then accesses our National Integrated Database to begin a personalized nationwide search for the car of your choice. No more being pressured into making an emotional purchase that wasn’t the vehicle you intended.

Personalized search based on customer needs:
  •  Current vehicle old
  •  Current vehicle not in good shape
  •  Extra family car
  •  Researching classic/antique models
  • Certain year, make, model
  • Certain price range
  • Particular mileage

Note: Personal information will determine the duration and scope of the vehicle search

Dekalb Motorworks

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